Initial Park Cleanup a Success!

We had a blast this morning cleaning up the Parque de los Niños, right next to the church!  It was quite a fun crowd – Pedro’s family, church members Haley plus her family, and Stephanie with her daughter, two non-church-members, and me.  We picked up LOTS of trash and debris, as you can see from the picture!  St. Paul’s By the Sea plans to do the same thing next Saturday at 8, by which time we hope to have laminated signs up in the park asking patrons to please put their trash in the bins.  Our other task today was to straighten up the rocks lining the paths, and at some point we may even paint them vibrant colors!  Other future projects include painting over some negative graffiti, and finding a local welder who can fix some of the broken swings.

The park has an impressive and popular skate park (pictured below), and many of the skaters went out of their way to thank us for cleaning up the park!  We all had fun watching them do amazing tricks (or maybe that was just me shirking my trash duties…shhhh ;))  Church tomorrow at 10AM!


First service

St. Paul’s by the Sea is now officially a church, consecrated and blessed yesterday (9.23) by Bishop Hector Monterosso, and celebrated with a Eucharist led by the bishop, David Hodges and Mike Bradshaw from St. Paul’s Winston-Salem, Eduardo Monzon from  a parish in San Jose, and Pedro Mendez, the priest at St. Paul’s by the Sea. Fifty-plus people attended, and several families stood up as new members of the new church. All in all, wonderful celebration and a feeling that things have started well.ImageImageImageImage

Reception brings ’em in!

The reception last night (9.22.12) went very well. Some 70 people attended, including a great, supportive group from San Jose. Several of our vendors were there–Allison from Canada and Le Petite Cafe downstairs (wonderful brownies and banana-chocolate-chip bread), Stephanie (Carolina barbecue!!), and the lady whose husband made the altar, lectern and processional cross, along with the credence table. There were other friends from Costa Rica as well as ex-pats, including several families who hope to get involved in the church. We introduced BBQ (NC-style) to many Costa Ricans, and apparently they liked it–four sandwiches were left over, out of six dozen! Beer (Imperial–the national beer) and wine were popular, too. All in all, it was a successful evening, and look forward to the the first Eucharist at St. Paul’s by the Sea in a couple of hours from now.Image